With all the running around we do with our busy schedules wouldn't it be nice to not have to leave your home for one more errand. Fur mobile grooming is here to make your life a little easier. If you have kids, a busy job or busy schedule, your elderly or disabled or if your fur baby just doesn't like to go on car rides. Fur Grooming is the perfect answer!

Your pet will have a sense of comfort knowing she hasen't left home. You will feel better knowing your pet is right outside your door.

We carry everything a brick and morter salon would have. Warm bath water, heating in the winter and AC in the summer. Spacious room to relax on the floor if necessary and music to help relax the soul.

Fur uses safe all natural products and only the best of those products on the market. We are constantly researching new shampoos, conditioners and coat treatments that come out. We will soon be offering an essential oil treatment for your babies